SCWA 2016 Meeting Schedule

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2016 SCWA Meeting Schedule

3rd Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

First Baptist Church

332 E. 11th St. (3rd & 11th)

Bring Your Own Lunch

Unless otherwise indicated,

all speaker presentations will be via CD

not personal appearance.

January 16

     Speaker:  James Scott Bell — via 45 min. CD presentation

     Topic: Loading Mercury with a Pitchfork: The Opportunity and Challenge of Christian Writing

February 20

     Speaker: Stephen Bly — via CD presentation

     Topic: Writing History Kids Love to Read

     Speaker: Connie Peters

     Topic: Narrative Non-Fiction [from recent trip to Writers Bootcamp in the Caribbean]

     Speaker: Joe Bowden

     Topic: Describing a Little Known Historical Event for Children—short workshop

March 19

     Speaker: Jan Coleman — via CD presentation

     Topic: Turning Your Memories into Memoirs

     Speaker: Karen Pease

     Topic: Turning Memory into a Story—The Grizzly Bear

April 16

     Speaker: Roxanne Henke — via CD presentation

     Topic: How to Plot a Character Driven Novel

May 21 — 11th Annual All-Day Workshop—Marvel, Colorado

     Speakers: Keynote: Jack Klumpenhower

     Local Speakers: Joe Bowden and Connie Peters

     Topics: Klumpenhower—Writing About Jesus and Rough Draft to Published Page

          Bowden—How Developing Strong Characters Drives Plot

          PetersHow to Use Photographs to Develop a Short Story Plot

June 18

     Speaker: Carol Cool — via CD presentation

     Topic: Self-Editing for the Grammatically Challenged

July 16

     Speaker: — David Morrell — via CD presentation

     Topic: Writing Fiction — a three part series [all in one meeting]

August 20

     Speaker: Judi Perry — via CD presentation

     Topic: Building Your Nonfiction Book from the Ground Up

September 17 — 37th Annual Write for His Glory Conference

     Speakers: Sally Apokedak, Rhonda Gibson, Connie Peters, Joe Bowden

     Theme: Essentials, Excellence, and Enthusiasm

     Topics: Writing Essential: Trusting and Trying, Plot Essential: Trying and Failing,

     Character Essential: Failing and Growing, Voice Essential: Growing and Showing,

     Theme Essential: Showing and Sharing, The Short Story Essentials, Plot, & Pitfalls,

     The Art of Novella Writing, Ten Ways Authors Can Promote Their Books

October 15

     Speaker: Andy Scheer — via CD presentation

     Topic: Writing Narratives with a Purpose

November 19

     No Meeting Scheduled

December  17

     No Meeting Scheduled